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"an unrelenting pursuit of excellence to deliver maximum service to our customers and achieve the highest levels of quality"

"There is no finish line when it comes to Sea Gulf's Reliability - Our efforts to Improve performance never cease"

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Sea Gulf Industrial Supplies LLC is a British owned market leading Industrial Supply company based in Abu Dhabi UAE, Specialising in Supply Chain Management, Specialist Procurement, Shutdown & Turnaround Management & Asset Integrity for the Oil & Gas, Power & Nuclear Industries for some of the worlds largest companies located in the Middle East.


Apart from been a Supply Chain Management & Specialist Procurement Company; Sea Gulf offer Turnaround Management & Asset Integrity Consultancy services for clients facilities throughout the Middle East. Sea Gulf provide experienced Consultants that have vast experience in planning and managing oil and gas facility turnarounds (TAR’s) for leading industry operators on high intensity projects in remote locations – delivering projects on time, under budget and with zero lost time incidents.

Throughout these industry sector's we endeavour to maintain our reputation as one of the Middle East's leading suppliers & distributors, of high quality selected industrial products sourced by our procurement engineers at the request of our valued customers, along with helping clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors to consistently achieve their Turnaround goals and sustain them, by deploying dynamic processes that utilise organisational resources in a controlled and structured manner. We help them to succeed in implementation and execution of their most complex initiatives and accomplish desired results with outstanding safety and environmental performance.

Sea Gulf was established in 1983 

Number 6 on ADNOC's approved Global Supplier Database

(ADNOC Vendor Number #000006)

Sea Gulf are fully ICV (In Country Valuation Audited) Certified

Sea Gulf are certified to ISO 9001 

We work with some of the largest companies globally to provide superior value-added products and services and we are committed to focus on products and markets where we can achieve and sustain leadership positions.


Over the past 37 Years we have developed and maintained a market leading position as a direct result of our supply and service quality.

Our team have hands on experience in the Oil & Gas industry from working on the drill floor through to downstream corporate positions in both the service industry and client operations in the North Sea, Mainland Europe, Middle East, North Africa, West Africa & Australia.

Our highly trained and experienced team ensure our associated suppliers and manufacturers provide us with the highest quality ethically sourced and compliant products, services and support which in turn we pass on to our valuable clients.

Our clients include major National Oil & Gas companies, EPC's, Construction Companies, The worlds largest Aluminium Producer, Refineries, Power Generation companies (Including Nuclear), Airports & Universities, and the United Nations throughout the Middle East.

We have a time tested robust & strong supply chain and are associated with renowned manufacturers and suppliers globally.

A number of our employees have been involved with the Oil & Gas sector for over 30 years and have extensive background in dealing with a vast range of products and services used in this industry.

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