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Agency Agreements with Sea Gulf

Joint Venture & Agency Agreements offer one of the best ways for manufacturers to achieve sustainable development goals. It can leverage additional revenues in markets where they do not want to fully commit to setting up a business arm, It can bring new knowledge, and create fertile ground for innovation, creativity and growth for the business with little or no capital commitment. 

As one of the leading industrial suppliers in the region, Sea Gulf is regularly seeking cooperation and agreements with leading manufacturers around the world in a variety of product lines to gather additional expertise and offer a wider range of credible and reliable products to our customers. 

When selecting manufacturers to promote in the Middle East region, Sea Gulf emphasise manufacturers have necessary certifications and approvals along with a proven track record of deliverables, a strong robust supply chain a solid reputation and adhere to our ethos of Reliability, Efficiency & Quality.


With its strategic location as a bridge between East & West, the Middle East is one of the fastest growing industrial markets in the world.

Sea Gulf has been established in the Middle East since 1983 and with over 37 years experienced has developed a market leading reputation with a strong client base throughout the region.

We believe that the Middle East is one of the most exciting, however often challenging markets to trade within. Our expertise and extended knowledge of the region position us at the forefront of our industry.

Our experienced team has the proven capability to distribute your product/service to one of the most energetic and diverse industrial markets in the world.

Let us taken the challenge of promoting your brand and showing you what we can achieve for your business



We believe our excellence in our field along with holding the highest ethical standards & credibility, extensive knowledge and experience, our strong professional acumen, our network and in-depth local knowledge make us the right business partner

Contact us, to find out how operating with Sea Gulf can maximise your presence in the Middle East

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Leading Supplier for ADNOC

Supplier Number 000006

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ADNOC: Worlds 12th Largest Oil Company by production & UAE's Largest Company 


ICV (In Country Valuation) Certified  Required when supplying ADNOC


Supplying some of the Middle East's Largest Corporations


Direct Sales & Marketing


Management has over 30 years' experience in the Middle East

Strategically placed in Abu Dhabi, A short distance to all Major Oil Countries in the Middle East


Customers include, Oil & Gas Operators, Nuclear, Power Generation, Utility & EPC's


UAE took the first place ranking regionally in 2018 for ease of doing business. (Ease of doing business index 2018)


British Owned, With Offshore/Onshore experience in UK North Sea, Mainland Europe, Middle East, North & West Africa & Australia in Upstream & Downstram Operations (Onsite & Corporate)

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