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The capability of the supply chain is often the least understood aspect of the energy businesses, yet its impact on smooth running operations is significant. Our specialism is in assisting your procurement team and supply chain activity to support the overall business strategy and to organise resources to provide a robust, reliable, and cost effective supply chain. 

Sea Gulf have significant experience in the international strategic sourcing market.

Our customers can be sure of achieving a distinct competitive advantage in material procurement. On your behalf, we can acquire high-quality components from manufacturers, or from our global network of screened suppliers.

The Sea Gulf team works with purchasing offices in the USA, Eurpoe and Asia.

These facilities, coupled with years of industry experience and our strategic worldwide supplier relationships, enable our purchasing team to scour regional & global markets effectively.

We use different supply chain methodologies depending on the service requirements of our customers.  

Contact us to find out how Sea Gulf can help your organisation achieve its SCM goals

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How we can help you

Sea Gulf have proven time after time that they can get what you need, when you need it. Helping you Reduce costs, managing supplier/manufacturer relationships (SRM), ensuring legal & regulatory compliance, contract management, rationalising expenditure, mitigating risk, increasing profitability & performance and improving efficiency & processes all form part of your daily undertaking. By working with Sea Gulf we'll manage all of this, freeing up your Supply Chain Management teams to concentrate on their main tasks.

Reduce Costs


Reduce Risk


Increase Compliance


Find More Opportunities

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Contact Sea Gulf, to find out more on how we can help you achieve your SCM goals


We work across 10 sectors, spanning the Middle East, with some of the largest organisations in the world.

We help  your buyers to find the right products and manage the whole procurement process taking the strain off your procurement teams giving you increased levels of visibility and control over your entire supply chain.

We are a strategic business partner to multinational companies and major public-sector organisations, working closely with them to help their procurement and supply chain capabilities, drive best practice and deliver superior business performance.




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"Restarting your Asset on timeevery time"

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Effective planning and execution of shutdowns and turnarounds is essential to maintain product levels and reduce loss of revenue, particularly if improper maintenance leads to an unplanned shutdown.

The effects of unplanned shutdowns or changes to schedules can have a profound impact not only on the company operating the facility but also on the wider economy.

Major players within the oil and gas industry know the importance of significant levels of planning in executing oil and gas maintenance turnarounds and the high level of potential loss of revenue if delayed for even only a day.

Sea Gulf provide experienced Turnaround Consultants that have vast experience in planning and managing oil and gas facility Turnarounds (TAR’s) for leading industry operators on high intensity projects in remote locations – delivering projects on time, under budget and with zero lost time incidents.

Our team’s expertise and skills have been used on some of the world's most challenging onshore and offshore projects, undertaken by reputed operators.

We help clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors to consistently achieve their Turnaround goals and sustain them, by deploying dynamic processes that utilize organizational resources in a controlled and structured manner.


We help them to succeed in implementation and execution of their most complex initiatives and accomplish desired results with outstanding safety and environmental performance.

Each Turnaround is unique and we approach each project with an optimistic approach and a can do attitude, our personnel have worked in some of the most remote parts of the world in some of the toughest climates on some of the most demanding projects achieving results that excel past our clients expectations.

Sea Gulf can provide a wide range of Turnaround and Project Management Consultancy services to maximise and optimise the project potential.

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Hubs in the UKCS (UK Continental Shelf) were shut down for a total of 2,453 days in 2017; 32% longer than planned.*


33% of all production losses in the UKCS are down to Turnaround’s *

Generally, Operators significantly underestimate the duration of TAR’s and don’t have robust contingency plans in place to encounter unforeseen threats during TAR Operations.

* Source: UK Oil & GAS Authority UKOGA


Do you need to reduce your Turnaround Costs?

Are your onsite resources limited?

Have Previous TAR's not produced any benefits?

Do you need to reduce your Turnaround Time?

Is this the plants first Turnaround?

Sea Gulf can optimise your TAR performance and Consult in both a High level Management capacity or Coordination onsite:


  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for your Turnaround

  • Bridge Between Onsite Turnaround Contractor & Operator

  • Optimise your TAR Organisation​

  • Support Steering Committees & Shareholders

  • Advise Gatekeeper on TAR Best Practices

  • Lead Scope Development, Strategy & Execution 

  • Support with Implementation of CVP (Capital Value Process)  Appraise – Select – Define – Execute – Lessons Learned

  • Assist with Document Support Packages (DSP) for Each Gate Keeping Stage

  • Assist your SPA (Single Point of Accountability)

  • Support with Implementation of the GOC Process (Guidance of Certification) 

  • Carry out Peer Reviews – Score/Advise Accordingly

  • FEL (Front end Loading) Implementation/Assessment

  • Budget & Cost Tracking Strategy

  • Contractor Auditing

  • Assist in creation of TAR Plan including project deliverables & timeline objectives

  • Challenge the TAR Plan

  • Assist in the Creation of TAR Leading Indicators - Assessment of Current Progress

  • Assist in the Identification of Critical Path - Utilising Risk based Monte Carlo Modelling

  • Creation of KPI’s for Turnaround

  • Oversee National Employees career development by mentoring

  • Contractor Strategy (Ensuring Contractors are fulfilling all contractual obligations including integration between contractors)

  • Improve your TAR Communication Strategy

  • MOC (Management of Change) Assistance & Implementation

  • Project & Construction Management during TAR activities 

  • Assist in technical Invitation to Tender (ITT’s) and evaluation meetings.

  • Asset Integrity – Advise Asset integrity best practice strategies during planning & execute phases of the TAR

  • Procurement Strategy

  • Robust Contingency Plans

  • Greenfield/Brownfield Project Management


  • Onsite Coordination

  • Work Pack Generation (IFR)

  • Work Pack Review/Audit

  • Creation of Shutdown Activity Register (SDAR)

  • Provide Input into the TAR Plan

  • Creation of TAR Plan (Level 4)

  • Creation of Pre TAR Plan, Progress (S-Curve)

  • TAR Material Requirement Support

  • Mechanical Support

  • Supervise Onsite TAR Work scopes

  • Onsite Contractor Management/Supervision

  • Review Nitrogen Inerting/Leak Detection Work Packs & Procedures and advise accordingly.

  • Review Flange Management Work Packs & Procedures.

  • Audit Flange Break register

  • Review Hydrotesting Work Packs and Procedures and advise accordingly.

  • Heat Exchanger Trouble Shooting (Shell/Tube) Inc Removal using Extractor, Cleaning, Inspection, Plugging & Expansion etc

  • Review High pressure Water Jetting Work Packs & Procedures, and advise accordingly.

  • Onsite Supervision of Scaffolding, Insulation & Electrical & Mechanical Teams

  • Ensure the GOC system is followed by all work parties

  • Vessel Internal Removal Advice, Reinstatement & Supervision.

  • Molecular Sieve, Desiccant Removal & Reloading best practices

Sea Gulf have experience in Managing Turnaround & Engineering projects and leading cross functional teams of expatriates and nationals to deliver TAR’s on-time, under budget and with 0 HSE Incidents.

Managing and tracking $multi-million budgets and reporting project progress to C-level executives

 Identifying and resolving technical problems, threats and ensuring compliance with procedures and work processes; encouraging open communication and transparency within projects.

Ensuring the highest standards of QHSE are delivered.


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Supporting your Asset integrity requirements


Sea Gulf  Provides an Asset Integrity Consultancy Service offering the following Asset Integrity Scopes to Clients in the Middle East

  • Lead/Support Investigations - Failures on Pressure Systems

  • Corrosion Control Consultancy

  • Inspection Plans

  • Inspection Planning

  • Inspection Auditing

  • Reviewing Inspection Work packs

  • Integrity Management Consultancy

  • Optimise your Integrity Team

  • RBI (Risk Based Inspection) Consultancy

  • Inspection Strategies

  • Pigging & Hot Tapping Consultancy Service

tContact Sea Gulf to see how we can assist with your Asset Integrity Requirements

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 Maximizing Production  -  Reducing Lost income due to unplanned Shutdowns - Optimizing Turnarounds - Maximizing Asset Value

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