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Coleherne's White Metal Bearing Training

Coleherne Ltd will be visiting the Middle East on the 20th Jan for 10 days to carry out White Metal Bearing training for clients in the region, Their schedule is almost fully booked with only 2 days free.

Coleherne Ltd White-Metal bearing fitting courses are designed to meet the needs of the Power Generation Industry, Rotating Plant Engineers and Mechanical Engineering Fitters. Tuition for up to eight Engineers is usually held within the customers’ training facilities.

After training, the Engineers will have:

1. Acquired knowledge and an understanding of the basic principles and different styles of White-Metal bearings.

2. An understanding of bearing failures and the confidence to give recommendations for improving bearing life and reducing downtime.

3. Gained an understanding of on-site installation of White-Metal bearings.

If you would like to discuss the training and book a training session with Coleherne Ltd please contact Sea Gulf Industrial Supplies LLC

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