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Reduce your Confined Space Entries

Reduce your Confined Space Entries ✔

Reduce your Risk ✔

Reduce your working at height ✔

Reduce your Personnel On Board ✔

Reduce your Inspection costs ✔

#Drones are now becoming the go to technology for inspectors when it comes to collecting visual data inside vessels & tanks.

Inspectors can now remove the requirement of entering hazardous environments while collecting high quality data and internal inspections can be conducted more quickly and efficiently than they would be using a manual approach.

Raptor UAS Ltd drones can carry out High Definition Close Visual Inspections in hazardous confined spaces in a fraction of the time required to carry out a manual visual inspection, also removing the requirement for Nitrogen Inerting, Cleaning, Scaffolding, Rope Access which in turn drastically reduces costs.

#Drones can allow inspectors to get a close up view of Welds, Cross bracings, Nozzles and other parts of the vessel that can be hard to access during a manual inspection.

Raptor UAS Ltd now offer this service in the #UAE & #Saudi through Sea Gulf Industrial Supplies LLC

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