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Rope Access UT thickness -vs- Drone UT thickness

carried out by Raptor UAS Ltd

Raptor UAS Ltd are Pioneers in UAS (Unmanned Ariel Systems) and now offer their specialist services in the UAE & Saudi through Sea Gulf Industrial Supplies LLC

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are rapidly becoming the preferred method for carrying out inspection surveys increasing the facility uptime and reducing interruptions of operations.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are immune to the most hazardous environments such as tanks and flare stacks. Raptor UAS pilots can operate safely during day or night equipped with an array of visual and sensory technology.

UAVs reduce the need of large scaffolding, rope access works and the requirement for working at height and in confined spaces.

Oil and Gas operators can trust Raptor UAS Ltd to carry out inspections safe in the knowledge they have decades of experience in this industry. The use of their technology to support the oil and gas operators can dramatically reduce costs due to no shut down of plant.

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